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Having perfectly shaped eyebrows is the dream of a lot of women. More so if they don’t have to spend so much time outlining them before leaving the house in order to achieve the perfect look. The perfect eyebrows, however, are those that still look like the natural ones. This can only be accomplished through microblading.

Unlike the eyebrow tattoo that often looks artificial and fake when completed, microblading has the effect of natural looking eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that uses a special hand-held tool that contains a sterile and disposable microblade responsible for depositing the pigment into the superficial dermis of the skin.

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Why Microblading? Why not.

AZ Microblading is the leading microblading center in Phoenix that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Our commitment is to serve our clients in a professional, courteous and meaningful manner. Our technicians are well trained and skilled in microblading having spent months in training.

Microblading first originated in Asia and has been popular there for the past 25 years. In the last couple of years, the popularity picked up in certain parts of Europe as different schools and artists established themselves as the lead practitioners of microblading in the West.

While its arrival and first practice in the United States is not well documented, the procedure became a sensational hit on Google in 2015 overtaking “permanent makeup” searches. Online influencers on YouTube and other platforms started to experiment with the procedure. In 2016, microblading finally received its first ever endorsement on mainstream media through actress Bella Thorne.


Before proceeding with the microblading procedure, we make it a point to sit down with each client to explain the nature of the process. This is also the time we explain the various advantages of microblading. Additionally, we do symmetry assessment to show the client what her new eyebrows will look like after the procedure. Upon approval, we can agree on the shape and schedule the actual microblading. During the consultation, we check the client’s medical history to identify possible causes of complications.

Clients who are taking antibiotics during the period of the microblading will not be able to proceed as a precautionary measure. Our first priority as technicians is to be able to ensure the safety of each client when undergoing the procedure. We want to make the experience as stress free as possible and allow each client to have a fully satisfying procedure.

The Microblading Procedure

To make sure that our clients are comfortable, we apply an anesthetic around the eyebrows to make sure that the possible pain that the microblading tool will cause will be minimized. For clients who may possess extremely sensitive skin, the process may be a little uncomfortable in spite of the anesthetic. The procedure takes about 2 hours, more or less, to complete.

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Careful instructions are given to the client upon completion of the microblading procedure to ensure that potential pain and infection are avoided in the next few days. The client must take the necessary steps to stay comfortable and let the natural healing process take its course. The client is then required to return after a few days for a touch up that forms part of the second phase of the procedure.

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