Surviving cancer is, in itself, a very admirable feat. At some point in life, you may have known someone in your family, school or workplace who has battled with this deadly disease. If you do know someone, then you most likely have a grasp of how emotionally, psychologically and financially draining it can get.

Battling cancer cannot be done singularly. In fact, it is best fought with the support of family and friends from the community. Regardless of the type of cancer and what stage it is in, we easily sympathize to the emotional trauma that a whole family goes through while at the same time making sure that the life of the concerned person is preserved.

Mostly, chemotherapy is an option that patients take in order to eliminate cancer cells in the body. In the process of doing so, patients commonly lose their hair and go through a season that they are bald. For women cancer patients, this can be quite a struggle as the hair is considered a woman’s crowning glory. Additionally, most patients who undergo chemotherapy also lose their eyebrows in the process.

Common Effects of Cancer on a Patient’s Mental Health

  • Dealing with cancer causes the patient a lot of stress.
  • Patients become anxious.
  • In the process of fighting cancer, most patients go through depression as well.
  • The loss of hair during treatment causes patients to lose their self-confidence.
  • Patients are prone to self-pity.
  • Chemotherapy can result in mental fog or the clouding of consciousness.

When the stress level of a cancer patient is very high at a time when the body is considered weak, it is bound to give rise to other forms of health complications. It is vital that patients who go through treatment keep their morale and self-esteem high. Positivity always helps.

We at AZ Microblading recognize the bravery and persevering character of cancer survivors, and in honor of the fight that they fought, we offer free microblading services to them. As an organization which gives a high premium on the general well being of clients, we believe that this our way of giving back to the Arizona community. We are committed to being socially responsible and make an impact in our immediate community.

By doing this program, we intend to:

  • Raise the moral of cancer survivors;
  • Help them regain their self-confidence by making them feel good about the way they look;
  • Help raise an awareness about the reality of fighting cancer in the Arizona area; and
  • Promote the advocacy of helping cancer patients in their journey towards recovery and better health.

AZ Microblading is always thankful for how our patrons continue to support and believe in us. We believe that our business will not amount to anything if we are not making a lasting impact on the lives of people in our immediate community. More than the potential of earning thousands of dollars from our services, we value the connection that we make with people in order to help them to have better lives.