What is Microblading?

Q: What happens in the initial consultation?

A: The microblading technician will conduct a symmetry assessment and show you the ideal shape of your eyebrows before you agree on anything. She will also ask a few questions about whether you’ve had other recent services like Botox, under present medication, underwent exfoliation, and your caffeine intake for the past few days to name a few.

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Q: How does the procedure work?

A: The technician, with the use of a hand-held tool, will deposit pigments into the superficial dermis of the skin through a disposable microblade. It allows the technician to create crisp hair strokes that closely resembles the look of natural eyebrow hair.

Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: We use an anesthetic to minimize the discomfort that the procedure brings about. However, patients with very sensitive skin may experience a discomfort during the procedure. Technicians are very understanding and compassionate and will everything in their capacity to make the experience meaningful and stress-free for each client.

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Q: What happens after the procedure?

A: A touch up is required after the procedure no earlier than five weeks and no later than ten weeks. Depending on the healing speed of the client’s skin, touch ups can also be extended after ten weeks from when the procedure was done, but no later than the 12th week.

The microblading procedure is always a two-part process – the original treatment followed by the touch-up treatment.

Q: How long is the lifespan of the semi-permanent eyebrow procedure?

A: It lasts for 1-3 years at least.

Q: How long is the healing period?

A: It highly depends on the client’s skin type and healing speed. Normally, we give a 10-day guide on how to care for your newly treated brows and protect them at the same time. We usually recommend no makeup on the brow area, no application of anti-aging creams on the treated area, no sunbathing, no sweating in the gym, no scratching, and no picking of flakes should they start to appear after the procedure.

Q: How do I take care of my brows after the procedure?

A: We highly recommend that you gently clean your newly treated brows in the next 24 hours to remove residual pigment and prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. You may use a cotton ball dipped in cold water and gently dab it against the concerned areas. To help your brows heal faster, we also recommend using natural oils on them such as coconut, Jojoba, grape seed, and sweet almond.

We also discourage clients to use petroleum jelly on their brows after treatment. This may result in unwanted scabbing and crusting in the affected areas.

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Q: What can possibly cause my eyebrow tattoo from fading?

A: There are several things that can possibly cause your treated brows to fade faster than anticipated and these may include iron deficiency, smoking, exposure to the sun and saltwater, using exfoliants, and having a very strong immune system.

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